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Kwanele Kwanele

Kwanele Kwanele

The women & girls of SA say “Enough is Enough”

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With the increasing spate of violence and abuse against women and children in our country and indeed worldwide, we have launched the KWANELE KWANELE campaign at our school.

With KWANELE KWANELE we are educating our boys, girls, parents, teachers and communities about the devastating extent and impact of women and child abuse in our society. Through KWANELE KWANELE we are saying:

• as a society - "enough is enough; we will not tolerate abuse any longer!"
• as victims - "enough is enough; we will no longer be silent!"
• as relatives, neighbours, mothers and fathers - "we will not sit by and idly watch!"

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Our Objectives

With a greater awareness of this issue in our society, and a stronger, united voice against abuse, we believe that change is possible and that as a country we can achieve;

• more stringent penalties for those who abuse.
• a more sympathetic justice system, where victims are always treated with dignity.
• proper implementation of the National Register for Sex Offenders (NRSO).
• behaviour change of perpetrators/abusers.
• greater support and access to information and options for victims / survivors.

Our Planned Activities

• Distributing posters that create awareness of the plight of abused women and children.
• Co-ordinating " Silent" protests.
• Inviting speakers to educate and create awareness for our learners and parents on what constitutes abuse and what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.
• Creating awareness of and supporting charities that support victims of abuse. This will be done by adopting a Women's shelter.
• Actively participating in Petitions.
• Undertaking fund raising activities such as T-Shirt sales and a Solidarity Walk/Race in support of related charity organisation.
• A Partnering with the media in getting the message across.
• Developing a dedicated Website with information and links to resources to assist victims.
• Volunteering time in support of a Shelter of abused women and children.

How To Get Involved?

• By supporting our fundraising efforts by buying the KWANELE KWANELE T-shirts and encouraging your staff to wear it on Fridays, or by supporting the fun walk.
• By adopting a charity and spreading your support.
• By contacting us for further information, or if you have alternative suggestions on how to partner with us.
• By supporting us in spreading the message that Enough is Enough!

For more information please contact:
Wendy Neervoort or Iva Brennan on 011 7261310

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