A well-structured curriculum and extensive opportunities
await your child at McAuley House.


Our focus and motto for 2018 is “Keeping God’s Children Safe.” This is both a privilege and a huge responsibility which we as a school share with our parents.

Firstly the motto reminds us that each person in our school community – adult and child alike – is a child of God who is to be treated with respect and dignity. Secondly, we have been entrusted with safeguarding our children in all aspects of their development. A school must be a safe space where children feel loved, wanted and acknowledged for who they are. They must be free to learn and grow, without fear or anxiety. They must be able to explore, ask questions and develop their talents.

At McAuley House we pride ourselves on providing a sound education where children learn well and take pride in their achievements.  Equally important, however, in developing a well-rounded child are emotional intelligence, empathy, kindness and love. Following the teachings of Catherine McAuley, foundress of the Sisters of Mercy, McAuley House is a place where we strive to live out our Christian values and grow together as children of God.

Nicky Humphreys


These subjects are offered up to Grade 7.

McAuley House strives to prepare our young people to be the best that they can be.
At all times they are urged to strive for excellence and to not accept mediocrity. Our results
in the National ANNA bench marking examinations in Grade 6 confirm that we have
high standards in English and Mathematics in the Junior School.