A well-structured curriculum and extensive opportunities
await your child at McAuley House.


There is so much uncertainty and change happening in our world today. In education we have to grapple with the ever increasing advancement of technology, the scourge of ongoing crime and the implications of a shrinking economy and political uncertainty in our country. In these challenging times, it is important not to lose perspective, change is not unique…

From 1900 to 1967, the Swiss were the leading watchmakers in the world. In 1967, when digital technology was patented, the Swiss rejected it in favour of the traditional ball bearings, gears, and mainsprings they had been using to make watches for decades. Unfortunately, however, the world was ready for this advance, and Seiko, a Japanese company, picked up the digital patent and became the leading watch manufacturer in the world almost overnight. Fifty thousand of the 67,000 Swiss watchmakers went out of business because they refused to embrace this new technology. It was not until years later that the Swiss caught up and regained their position in the marketplace with the creation of Swatch watches. In these ever changing and challenging times it is how we respond to innovation and change that is important. If we as a school continue to be confident and positive and to seek constructive innovative solutions to the challenges we face, McAuley House will continue to experience renewal and growth.

Critical to our success is a sense of purpose; we must know what we are working towards achieving. As a Mercy school we are guided by the teachings of Catherine McAuley and the Bible. In Proverbs 29:18, we are told that “where there is no vision, the people perish”. Catherine McAuley stated “While we place all our confidence in God – we must act as if all depended on our own exertions”.   Grounded in these values, our school vision will continue to ensure that our girls receive an authentic Christian education that nurtures body, mind and spirit whilst encouraging each individual to reach their own true potential. As a school we have to help our girls grow into happy, well adjusted, kind and responsible citizens; citizens of integrity and high morals.

In pursuing our vision we must have the courage to challenge the rise of rampant materialism, the continued disregard of our environment and the lack of integrity that our leaders in society display, which are all seen as the norm and therefore as socially acceptable. In this context McAuley House must be a safe place of teaching and learning, where tolerance kindness, honesty, loyalty, enthusiasm, hard work, flexibility, creativity and innovation continue to be our defining principles.

Ross Davis


These subjects are offered up to Matric.

The school has a very long history of achieving a 100% pass rate in the Matriculation examinations
and we are delighted every year when our young ladies do themselves and the school proud by
achieving excellent results. In 2020 our ladies achieved 100% Pass and 88% Bachelor Pass.