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In 2014 we proudly achieved a 100% Matric Pass rate and a 100% Exemption rate to study Degree courses at University.

In 2015 we had 65 Matric Candidates and we proudly achieved a 100% Pass Rate!
64 Bachelor Passes and 1 Dimploma Pass.

Matric 2015 - Top 11

62 out of 63 Candidates achieved a Bachelor's Pass/
University Entrance

Subjects offered up to Matric

  1. English (Home Language)
  2. isiZulu (First Additional Language)
  3. Afrikaans (First Additional Language)
  4. Life Orientation
  5. Mathematics
  6. Mathematical Literacy
  7. Applied Mathematics
  8. Accounting
  9. Physical Science
  10. Life Science
  11. Consumer Studies
  12. Dramatic Arts
  13. History
  14. Geography
  15. Business Studies
  16. Computer Literacy
  17. Religious Education

McAuley House strives to prepare our young people to be the best that they can be. At all times they are urged to strive for excellence and to not accept mediocrity. Our results in the National ANNA bench marking examinations in Grade 6 confirm that we have a very good standard in English and Mathematics in the Junior School.

The school has a very long history of achieving a 100% pass rate in the Matriculation examinations and we are delighted every year when our young ladies do themselves and the school proud by achieving excellent results. For the past four years our young ladies have qualified with a 100% Bachelor Pass.

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